Day After Boos, Palin Skips Nod To Clinton

September 1, 2008

Source: MSNBC
From NBC/NJ’s Matthew E. Berger
O’FALLON, MO — While Gov. Sarah Palin gave essentially the same speech today as she has twice before, one big thing was missing — any reference to Hillary Clinton.

Palin, the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee, spoke alongside McCain and two former Republican presidential challengers — Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney — at a minor league baseball stadium here.

She began her speech by talking about her trip to Mississippi earlier in the day, and calling on people in the Gulf region to obey warnings to evacuation.

“To the citizens of the Gulf Coast area, your lives and many others are in balance,” she said. “And success of law enforcement and emergency workers and our great National Guard depends on your cooperation.”

After that, she went back to the stump speech she delivered on Friday and Saturday. But she skipped the entire section in which she highlighted the achievement of having a woman on the ticket — as well as her praise for those who came before her, Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, when campaigning in Pennsylvania, she received some boos from the audience when Clinton’s name was mentioned.

It is unclear why the campaign cut the paragraphs, which were widely praised Friday for appealing to Clinton supporters who may feel disenfranchised by the Obama campaign, especially after Clinton was passed over for the vice presidential nomination.


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