I want your comments

September 1, 2008

Today is a busy day for The Palin Report…. Please leave your comments on the Bristol Palin situation and any potential impact it may have on the campaign


One Response to “I want your comments”

  1. megan said

    Does it seem odd to anyone other than me that Bristol is more pregnant at 5 months than her mother was at 7? Surely a tight little 17 year old body
    shows the ravages of pregnancy less than a 5th time 44 year old.
    Perhaps she is still carrying a little of her post pregnancy fat from the first baby, Trig, and happened to become pregnant right away again??
    Any woman who has been pregnant knows that Sarah was not pregnant…. it shows on your entire body. Not to mention the ridiculous lie about travelling to Alaska after her water broke.

    So, Bristol may be pregnant, but it is curious that she is so big already and her mother was not.

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