NY GOP Puts A (Mostly) Positive Spin On News Of Palin’s Daughter

September 1, 2008

Source: NY Daily News Blogs
New York Republicans – admittedly a moderate bunch as Republicans go and so perhaps not an accurate bellweather as to the overall GOP response – largely took the news that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant in stride.

Rep. Peter King called the matter “a personal family issue” and something that is indicative of the kind of problems many modern families face.

He said he didn’t expect much political fallout, particularly since the Palin family is walking their pro-life talk by having their daughter keep the baby.

“There are real challenges for young people today,” King said. “If it was the candidate himself or herself it would be a different story. If there’s anything to look at, it’s how the family is responding, and this family is responding with unity.”

Aaron Biller, a 54-year-old alternate delegate and PR specialist who lives in Rep. Charlie Rangel’s district, took the a-parent-can-only-do-so-much attitude, pointing out that VP Dick Cheney’s daughter is gay, which is also not in keeping with the GOP party line.

(Cheney’s daughter, Mary, campaigned on her father’s behalf, but I’m not sure we’re going to see five-months-pregnant Bristol Palin hitting the campaign trail anytime soon).

“I’m a parent, and as a parent all you can do is lead your children down the right path,” Biller said. “It’s not something that goes along with the party values, but it would probably be more shocking if she had an abortion.”

Former Assemblyman Bob Straniere, a GOP congressional candidate (NY-13) and a pro-life Jew (he’s Jewish on his mother’s side, Italian on his father’s and was raised in a Jewish home), called the news about Bristol Palin “something that happens to American families,” and echoed King by saying: “These things happen to very many people, what’s important is how you address it.”

Not everyone here at the Marriott was so unmoved, however.

One Republican responded to the news with an explative and said, eyes wide: “Didn’t they vet her?”


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