Palin Says 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant AssociatedPress

September 1, 2008


3 Responses to “Palin Says 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant AssociatedPress”

  1. Guess what? Barack Obama was born out of wedlock too. Where is that in the news since he’s actually running for President!

  2. tom said

    There is a certain irony in all this: Ann Dunham (b. Nov. 29, 1942) was 18 when she gave birth to Barack Obama II on August 4, 1961. Thus, it is likely that Ann was pregnant at 17 with a child sired by a 24 year-old Kenyan exchange student.

    So libs, your OBAMA is a product of this thing you so condemn

  3. mig taylor said

    I still doubt that Baby Trig is a child of Sarah Palin. While Down syndrome offspring are far more frequent to older mothers, and there are some pictures that claim to show her pregnant.

    1) There are pictures and video at 7+ mos that show no waddle. It is easy to fake a pregnant belly, not a walk.
    2) the Anchorage daily article expressing surprise by her staff at her pregnancy
    3) If life is precious to her at any gestational age, what was she waiting to publicize?
    4) pictures of her with a prior pregnancy show her carrying a large abdomen and facial fullness common to pregnant women, not pictures from April of this year.
    5) The trip controversy is the most troublesome; if she was pregnant, which I doubt, she was exceedingly reckless. A 43 multigravida with premature rupture of membranes and an aneusomic fetus should not fly and drive for 22 hours, should not delay medical care to give a speech, should not deliver in a rural hospital without a level III neonatal unit.
    6)The baby was 6lbs 2 oz, larger than one would expect for a 8 month gestation Down baby.
    7) The rumors of her daughters pregnancy are months old, and she changed school in the fall.

    To rebut the rumors, Sarah Palin should have stood on a podium and asserted that Trig was her biologic son, shown a birth certificate, medical records, and assert that she was willing to obtain a confirmatory DNA test (two cheek swabs and $200 give you 100%). Anything short of this now, to me, will not remove my doubts. I am accusing her of being duplicitous, of using her children, treating her daughter as incapable of being a mother, of whitewashing her family resume.

    Does her statement now that her daughter is 5 months (conveniently) pregnant convince me of anything? No. It reminds me of the common story line in murder trials, where the accused states, “I couldn’t have killed my wife on tuesday night, because I spent that night with the red-haired prostitute sitting over there in the yellow dress with blue ribbons and fishnet stockings. Now I could easily have just said I didn’t kill my wife, but I am so honest that I have admitted to you what I really did.” The truth is always that such an event is a screen for the real sin, which is far more evil.

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