I Don’t Even Know If There Are Any Black People In Alaska

September 2, 2008

This made me LOL


7 Responses to “I Don’t Even Know If There Are Any Black People In Alaska”

  1. OMAR said

    That is too funny.
    Wait. What planet are we on?

  2. Elizabeth said

    What does it matter whether there are any “black people” in Alaska. Isn’t it time we got past the “Black” thing and move on to just a “People” thing. Why should anyone listen to you when every third word in your little rant is “for real” or a swear word. Perhaps a dictionary would be in order so that you can stop sounding like the very stereotype you are raging against.

  3. Sarah said

    This is comical. Can we at least attempt to speak in a way that’s inclusive and not exclusive to the majority of the culture. Entertainers trying to influence politics is a joke. Did anyone hear anything of substance debated about any real political issues in all that? I bet the NAACP of Alaska would love to see this one. Let me point out Diddy, you are not one of the young people anymore, you’re near 40 buddy.

  4. cindy said

    Wow! I can’t believe him. Did enjoy his music but I think I will change the station for now on. What an idiot.

  5. Lyn (from Alaska) said


  6. Bob Diddy said

    This is the kind of thing I expect from Obama’s spokesman.

  7. concerned said

    Now I understand that Pee Didies says Palin ‘scares’ him.

    Pee Didies is scawed of a widdle girl.

    Somebody give this c-rap star a pacifier and tuck him into his bed with his widdle dolly before he tosses his cookies…please.

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