James Carville Rips Sarah Palin’s Experience

September 2, 2008


4 Responses to “James Carville Rips Sarah Palin’s Experience”

  1. Doug Ideker said

    The srutiny of Sarah Palin and her family are the exact reason we can not establish legitmate candidates for public office in todays political arena. Who amongst the pundits does not have something in their background from 22 years ago that may in fact show they have a flaw in their character? James Carville? Hillary Clinton? Joe Biden? Matt Lauer? The truth is, none of them. Why don’t they shut up and do something positive for a change. Sarah Palin may not be the second coming of Hillary but get your nose out of her diary and give her a chance to do some real work.

  2. Marty said

    What a fricken’ joke!!! Such a double standard in the country. If Malia or Sasha – Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters were 17 or 18 and pregnant and unmarried, Barack would’ve been physically removed from the primary. Everyone would be saying, “Oh you know blacks always get pregnant out of wedlock and do we really want someone running our country who has these family values.” Let’s get real – such hypocracy electing this beauty queen, wanna be news reporter joke as VP – she’s one cancer away from the Presidency. This woman didn’t have a passport until she travelled to see the Alaskan National Guards in the Middle East and the RNC participants are more than drinking the kool-aid, there snorting political meth and fooling themselves that “that woman” is anywhere near the sophisticated and intellectual level to run the most powerful country on the planet. I’m an ardent Obama supporter but I was so insulted when McCain picked Palin that I’m now going to donate money to Hilliary to assist with paying off her debt. I feel like I’m in the story “The Emporer’s New Clothes” and no one will call out that what we’re being told is so untrue and DANGEROUS. At least if anything happens to Barack and I PRAY NOT – we know what we’re getting in Joe Biden and he KNOWS the leaders of our enemies and friends

  3. Trish said

    Marty – you are so right. You iterate my thoughts exactly. I hope you keep posting on as many blogs and sites as possible.

  4. jean said

    but can you field dress a moose ????


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