Levi Johnston & Bristol Palin Pregnant, Sarah Palin’s Daughter

September 2, 2008

Source: The National Ledger
Levi Johnston has been named as the father of the baby that Bristol Palin is carrying. Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin’s daughter was revealed to be pregnant on Monday after a weekend full of rumors and attacks from Democrats that made all sorts of wild accusations about the Bristol and Sarah Palin. Now we know Bristol is pregnant and Levi Johnston is the father.

Sarah is the current Governor of Alaska and was named John McCain’s running mate on Friday. Her announcement brought all sorts of excitement for the McCain campaign and he has raised $10 million since the announcement.


Gawker is claiming that the National Enquirer has named the 18-year old man and he is a good looking young man named Levi Johnston. The New York Daily News has also named him as well and they have photos here of the hockey player and his fiancée and his young “Hockey Mom” to be.

The left is trying to figure out how exactly to attack Sarah Palin and settled in on going after her 17-year old daughter over the weekend with horrific allegations of a faked pregnancy by her mom. It was a disgusting display and the campaign says that is one of the reasons they came forward with the pregnancy announcement today.


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