Palin’s Daughter Is A Fairly Wild 16 Yr Old

September 2, 2008

I’m not going to go through the trouble of pulling the pictures and uploading them but check out

10 Responses to “Palin’s Daughter Is A Fairly Wild 16 Yr Old”

  1. grandmom said

    My question to Mrs. Palin is who is caring for the 4 month old special need chid she just had? As a mother, my first concern would be my child not running for an office. The race will take her aways from her home and away from this special child.

  2. TeTaToTa said

    If Sarah Palen can’t even manage her own family properly, how the heck is she going to help manage a COUNTRY??!!!

    Oh, it’s oh-so-admirable that her under-age daugher opted to keep her baby. What about NOT GETTING PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!! No one discussed that. Her mother’s an IDIOT for not instilling the very basic topic of CONDOMS in her children!

  3. everythingsjustjake said

    Seriously. What?
    Who cares about these pics.
    I did the same when I was a teen. I’m not saying it’s right, but I did. 22 years ago.
    And so did a lot of us.

    Just another case of “pay no attention to the man behind the counter!”
    Spin. Spin. Spin.

  4. My very deepest sympathy and heartfelt good wishes go out to Bristol Palin! That young lady has been exposed to the worst “leak’ of inoformation that could happen to anyone. A 17 year old girl whould nto have to go through that kind of publiscity, nor have her private life exposed. The poor girl has more than enough problems to deal with already. Her mother may be a politial whiz and eager to advance higher, but she has failed in her first and most important job! That of protecting her young daughter! A Mother’s first job should always be protection of her family, instead Susan Palin has tossed her daughter to the wolves! Very cruel and unnecssary!

  5. Marci said

    I’m thinking here… If the democrats (black or white) running for office had a pregnant teen, how the media would play on “that”? And what criticisms would “that” get? Funny, when its the Republicans, teenage prenancy is danced over as “awe… everyone gets pregnant, some earlier than others… at least she chose to keep it…” If her mother wasn’t in the government, wonder if the family’d be sending her off for welfare food stamps and diapers. Curiouser and curiouser.

  6. greenowl77 said

    Sorry to disagree with you all. Bristol is to blame for Bristol’s choice to have sex.

    As any mother of a teen can attest, you can not control what they do out of your site. If you could it would be wrong to do so.

    Sarah Palin has made the choice that American women have been encouraged to make since the women’s movement. Career is important, and in today’s society more so then the family. Everywhere you look the family has been assaulted and people who disagree with the state intervening in ‘family’ matters is a right wing loony.

    Bristol’s pregnancy can reflect no more on her mother’s efforts to educate her then my own teen pregnacy had on my mother’s ability to do so. I was given every opportunity to use contraception. I was lazy, I think.(like most teens)

    Kudos to Gov. Palin for her honesty and courage to do what she feels is right. That is what America is all about.

  7. H@ters said

    ya’ll really should just shut-up…..a parent can only do so much about what their child is doing out-side of their house, And I know for a fact she knew about condoms(because I’m here sister)
    p.s this is a dumb topic… obviously you people don’t have lives or you would be doing something better with them than trash talking my mom and sister, did you know my sister cries every night, no because you guys are judging our family based off the “media”.


    Who cares? AMERICA CARES! Her Mother is a sanctified holy roller who expouses all of these ultra-conservative and many completely uinreasonable views and wants America to buy into it yet can’t keep control of HER OWN HOUSE.

    If she can’t keep her daughter in check…. then why should she be able to run the White house?

    It’s called “the Chickens coming home to roost” people!

    Palin is against any form of sex Ed for HS students, offering protection/counseling, abortions even in the case of rape victims and the list goes on and on.

    Newsflash.. apparently her own daughter could have used it!

    McCain is NOT AN ULTRA conservative and was DISINGENUOUS for picking her in the first place and in actuality, disrespected women by picking her because HE ONLY DID IT to win and counter Obama. Otherwise, he NOR the party would have ever picked a woman much less a 1st term governor to run. Republican women and all women who feel a sense of pride in the pick only have Obama to thank because it is as a DIRECT RESULT of his presence that Palin is there in the first place. He is creating opportunities where before, they were very limited for certain groups ALREADY!
    Back to McCain/Palin. His pick was NOT IN LINE with his “maverick” and often non mainstream republican views. He went out and got a candidate who was NOT properly researched by his camp, a woman who he had only met once, got scared after the DNC and then made a poor choice in picking her.
    Here’s the rub… often, people (understandably so) thirst for inclusion so bad, they want to grasp the first opportunity that comes along and embrace it. The problem is, if it’s a genuinely bad choice, that select group of people SUFFER EVEN WORSE and are set back even further in the long run.
    She was not a good pick and was picked for disingenuous reasons and it’s going to haunt McCain in the long run.
    Yes, the Dems have a hell of a lot to fix in their party too and are a mess as well.
    However on this issue, No pass for Palin.
    Imagine if Obamas daughters were in the same situation? Would Fox news EVER give it a rest? Hell no and in many ways.. rightfully so.
    It’s the chickens roosting and the jig is up!
    Her household is a MESS and that goes towards her ability to lead, her judgement and experience all in one!
    Speaking of experience, what happened to Mccain’s experience argument about obama? It was only good when it suited his needs.. now he’s got Palin and he’s forgotten that it was an issue?
    Stick a fork in McCains because he’s DONE! LMAO

  9. grandmom said


    Way to go!!!

  10. Palin not a good choice Pt.2 said

    Now we learn she attended six xolleges in six years?

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the McCain team has failed to properly LOOK INTO THE FACTS SURROUNDING THIS CANDIDATE!

    Hmmm. “Not really looking into the facts”. It’s starting to sound familiar with the Bush friends.

    Can anyone say Weapons of mass deception whoooops I mean Destruction.

    A horrible mistep on his behalf.

    There is a good yet small pool of women (just like the men) who would make a good President or VP. Same with Blacks though the group is smaller as a result of who’s who and what position people hold in DC. PALIN IS NOT on the short list.
    He’d been way better off with Rice.

    His choice is NOT reflective of his voting record or core beliefs and is disingenuous and NO, just because i’m exposing him does not mean I don’t respect his service for our Country which is the cheap tactic you guys use to stop people for speaking their mind or saying the truth about McCain.

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