Tucker Bounds on Palin’s National Security Experience

September 2, 2008


One Response to “Tucker Bounds on Palin’s National Security Experience”

  1. rkf said


    An Ill Wind that Blows Nobody any Good?

    A huff and a puff and away they went

    George Bush, Dick Cheney, blown off of the stage

    God truly moves in mysterious ways

    His wonders to perform

    Gone with the wind

    Gustav has spoken,

    The ripples of sand on a quiet beach

    Pounded by Gustav, and battered by storm

    The wind dies down, and the waters recede

    The beach is as smooth as a baby’s ass

    The sea as calm as the top of your glass

    God surely is on the side of the Republicans. He must have had the date of the Republican Convention in mind, and he surely understood that the Republicans needed some help.

    No wooden poles on stage to play against the back drop of the Convention of Democrats, which would play out poorly by comparison.

    And no Sarah Palin on stage to espouse the cause of women, promote Juno, and give more voice to the die hard right.

    And where is McCain?

    Gone with the wind.

    He will now come back as a nominee by Satellite, having compromised his campaign, for the benefit of the American people being hounded by Gustav.

    A stroke of genius. Now if only he could get another Gustav to blow away his veep, all would be well.

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