BREAKING: National Enquirer To Run Story On Sarah Palin’s Extramarital Affair

September 3, 2008

My sources are telling me that the McCain camp is quite upset over a story the NE intends to run about Sarah having relations with one of her husband’s business partners.

To my knowledge there are no known facts to back this up, but I will keep all my readers up to date on this as it breaks.

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One Response to “BREAKING: National Enquirer To Run Story On Sarah Palin’s Extramarital Affair”

  1. Steve Smith said

    That is what McCain gets for picking someone that has so little national experience. What is really perplexing are the number of highly qualified Republican woman that could have been selected who are nationally known and respected. Current and former governors and senators for example. McCain did not have the courage at the last minute to honor those who voted for him in the primaries over very conservative competitors, It looks like McCain would rather start a new culture rather then loose this election. My respect for him is so low that it looks like its time to vote for the Dems. By the way, all of those Washington elites they are running against are in fact Republicans. They are running against themselves. It’s the Republicans who have controlled the White House for 8 years, and congress most of that time. .

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