Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair With One Of Her Husband’s Business Associates?

September 4, 2008

Source:The Washington Post
But even as the campaign sought to put the vetting questions behind them, it elected to make a public statement about another potential controversy – an anonymously sourced report in the National Enquirer alleging Palin had an affair with an associate of her husband. “The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Governor Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false,” Schmidt said in the statement. “It is a vicious lie.”

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20 Responses to “Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair With One Of Her Husband’s Business Associates?”

  1. Ron Foss said

    My family is well aware of the multiple affairs that involved Sarah Palin. My uncle had an affair with her while he served in the Lt. Governor’s office. He later found about an affair she had with someone in the Cornor’s office. When he confronted her with that she had him fired. She embodies the qualities of a politician gone made, a clone of George Bush, “your either with me or against me”. This wil all come out in the next few months, this is common knowledge up in the great white north.


  2. M said

    Multiple affairs?

    Are you serious or are you just creating more controversy?

  3. Irrepressible Angst said

    Hey, the Enquirer called John Edwards on it and they were right then, they’re probably correct now as well. I think she will do ANYTHING to promote herself.

  4. movid said

    If Palin had been spreading it around, as long as we are not in queue for the same donut, why care as to whether she had it or not??
    Would her attitude in this aspect interfere with her work as the VEEP?? I think not. People shud stop talking about how someone put their private parts to use!!!

  5. rstuck said

    The Enquirer is right about 5% of the time…just so happens that Edwardsis a dirtbag…the left wing made up stories about Sarah being a grandmother and they are making this up…

  6. Good grief, people! Focus on the importance of this presidential election and the issues that matter instead of being the morality police.

  7. thilop said

    @ movid
    Would her attitude in this aspect interfere with her work as the VEEP??

    Probably not. But will she be able to serve loyaly for the country, if she isn’t even loyal in her own marriage?
    She isn’t even able to control her own family!
    HTF should she be able control a country?!

    And good God are ya guys really that retarded to believe that the Democrats are inventing the storys? Who profits when a magazine is selling good? Not the democrats….

    When a journalist can make up a scandal out of some slight clues, he will sell a whole lot of his magazine! KA CHING $$$$

  8. billgarcia said

    One can always tell when the Liberals, special interests and drive-by media (all one in the same)are running nervous – they shelf the true issues and place all their time and energy and resources into destroying anyone that threatens their agenda or disagrees with their liberal philosophy.

  9. Craig said

    Papers make money off stories, but they also get sued and lose money. Its 50 50 .

  10. Rose said

    It certainly does affect her ability to be VP. Again her decision making process comes into play here. If she is such a sex addict that she not only has 5 kids, she has had affairs, when do we anticipate she will take on the issues of the country? She is a liar, a cheater, possibility an adulteress and is for sure a absentee parent, but because the male population who think with the other brain want to screw her, it is ok, whatever she does as long as they can sit around and play with themselves while they drool over her. Sorry, I don’t think with my other brain since I don’t have that feature, I want the problems of this country solved. Not a playboy VP. Get a Grip America. Are you STUPID?

  11. Rose said

    bill garcia are you talking about the Republicans shelving issues. That is what they have done. Obama didn’t start the rumors. The news media did. The Republicans were heard in a sound bite after the convention saying America didn’t want to hear the issues? IS that your OPINION bill garcia? The Democrats are talking about the issues. The Republicans are talking trash. Maybe you should pay closer attention to the show you are watching sir.

  12. schmeck said

    What’s wrong, the Dems need something to counter the TRUE Larry Sinclair story? A homosexual ecounter(s) that Obama had when he was a married senator of Illinois?

  13. Maybe Voting First Time for the Dems!! said

    Must be a prerequisite to the top two jobs in the US- having multiple affairs- time will tell all!

  14. Please everybody lets get on with the elections and out of the mud. Sarah Palin brings so much energy to the people and heaven knows we need that.

  15. steve said

    Typical Left Wing Media reporting. Politically biased to the point of nausau!! Unwilling to recognize that their blatant prejudicial reporting causes the normal middle of the road citizen to shun them and vote the opposing ticket! Keep talking idiots

  16. movid said

    Thilop says that these issues interfere with her loyalty quotient. But loyalty to what?? even the most loyal thru their ignorance give up their nation’s interest. It is the smartness to deal, vision to foresee, and thick-skinned not to take everything to heart which are required.
    Let me tell u a story from the Bible, Jonathan s/o Saul the king was loyal to his friend and bro-in-law David. Saul was able to foresee J’s loyalty to be at the cost of his own kingship. Yet Jonathan (Saul calls him THOU SON OF A PERVERSE WOMAN) wudn’t give up his loyalty.
    Loyalty is good to receive but bad to give. Seeing the kind of hubby she has chosen, it is no good being loyal!
    Yet it is nobody’s business. Politics and private parts don’t gel!!

  17. Funny, when people talk about scandals that Republicans have committed, they want to focus on issues and leave the family out of it. When scandals have been committed by democrats, it becomes a national issue and taxpayers money is at stake. Will Edwards’ affair stop him from being effective.

    What if Chelsea had gotten pregnant. Would they say leave her family alone. She has nothing to do with it. Funny how the ‘Moral’ Majority thinks.

  18. Rose said

    That’s right, Rose. Men have two brains. And while most females I know are very intelligent, it sounds like that hole twixt your legs runs right up into your cranium.

  19. memyself said

    I dont care who she fucked or didnt fuck. I think she’s uprepared to be the VP or POTUS so I’d rather we just send her home. McCain doesnt worry me at all, she does.

    Conservatives care about who whose wee wee goes in which pee pee, not me.

  20. Jerry said

    Palin may or may not have had affairs with other men, that is a character flaw or a lie, just as Obama had an affair with Larry Sinclair who swears he and Obama got it on.

    Ah well go figure.. At this stage of the game all I am concerned about is is Obama a “natural born citizen”, this does not mean naturalized, will the Supreme Court of the United States at least vett this man before they put him in office. It is in their power to act on Supreme Court Case #08-570. All they have to do is view his Hawaiian Vault Birth Certificate and put this matter to rest.

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