SARAH PALIN & BRAD HANSON – Steamy Affair or Simple Mudslinging?

September 4, 2008

Source: Radar Online NY
Hard to tell! But David Perel’s team is bringing serious heat to the story. One Alaskan ties the investigation to this “decade-old flirtation”:

My sources in Alaska say the incident occurred in mid 1990s, right around the time she became mayor of Wasilla. Todd Palin’s partner in a Polaris snowmachine dealership in Wasilla, Brad Hanson, and Sarah were reportedly flirtatious and but never consummated the relationship.

When Todd found out, he reportedly dissolved the partnership and sold the dealership. Hampton is now a member of the Palmer City Council. He was married at the time of the reported flirtation.

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4 Responses to “SARAH PALIN & BRAD HANSON – Steamy Affair or Simple Mudslinging?”

  1. Historicus said

    Brad Hanson is considered to be a jerk by many in the local Palmer ice hockey community. He is apparently a youth hockey coach and coaches football at Palmer High School. Read the postings by people who know him here:

    Here is one of the postings:
    concerned parent! wrote on Feb 7, 2008 3:49 PM:

    ” I’ve known Brad for thirty years even been coached by him as a kid. Brad was a poor sport then and still is. The only reason Palmer is doing well is the players are skilled already. Sorry Brad it’s the truth.You need to learn the game befor you can coach any sport.Good luck next year boys we all love you and support you. Brad work on your temper and your skills you’ll be alright.Please listen to Steve he can teach you a lot about the game. Brad teach your kids some sportsmanship skills please.”

    I hate Sarah Palin and hope she did naughty things with this man.

  2. electionconfidential said

    No offense intended, but if anyone really thinks they KNOW for sure whether the thing was consummated is kidding themselves…

    People aren’t supposed to know. Affairs are covert and I can only imagine how covert they could get between two politicians…

  3. jade said

    Palin’s National Guard faces a crisis:

    The Alaska National Guard, which Republicans are pointing to as an important national-security credential for vice presidential choice Sarah Palin, is the most poorly staffed in the nation. Air Force Maj. Gen. Craig Campbell, the Alaska Guard’s top officer, warned in an internal memo 6 months ago that that “missions are at risk.”

    The lack of qualified airmen has reached a crisis level.” That could result in missions and equipment being moved out of Alaska. The Alaska Air Guard has only 84 percent of its assigned positions filled, the lowest rating in the country.

    Overall, the Alaska National Guard has about 3,800 troops in its air and ground units. Under state control, the Guard’s frequent duties are minor and routine operations. For example on Monday this week, Guard soldiers had to transport a woman with an eye injury to Nome for medical treatment. A few days earlier, Guard airmen rescued a man after his plane went down in a spruce bog 57 miles southeast of Galena. And in late July, the Guard was called in to a help a man who’d fallen off the roof of his cabin in the Brooks Range Mountains.

    On the mainland US such duties are handled by Fire Departments, volunteer firemen or Emergency Medical Technicians.Any Fire Marshall or Chief on Mainland could fit to be VP!

  4. janie said

    He seems really nice — and looks like he’s done a lot in the community. Pretty much the same old story — somebody is mad at another and then tries to slam them anonymously…you know the good ol’ american way. Ya — weird how some coaches yell — ew – ew – smoke signals and esp work better when you’re trying to communicate with players… hmm. historicus — you sound like you’re from Alaska — but you are obviously a coward…..

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