Sarah Palin – Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Would Cheat?

September 4, 2008

Looking hot

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19 Responses to “Sarah Palin – Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Would Cheat?”

  1. Katie said

    So this is what a so called “christian” soccer mom looks like these days, huh?

  2. friend said

    that is photoshopped you dumb shits.

  3. J Boyd NYC said

    OK, I know this will be taken with a grain of salt and/or just out and out refuted, but I swear upon my mother’s grave that this is absolutely, positively true.

    About 2 years ago, I was skimming through my friends list on MySpace, and skimming through their list of their friends, just to see if I found anyone intersting to email and chat with.

    Well, one of my friends had a woman on their list who described herself as a “hot milf”. And…drumroll please…it was THIS VERY PICTURE on the page. No, I am not kidding, and I am not lying.

    And, of course, I went back to MySpace and tried furiously to find that page again. And, of course, it was gone.

    Now, since I have no proof anymore, I can’t even say that Sarah put the page up herself. Someone could have just picked the picture off the web somewhere. But…it was posted at a time when no one knew who Sarah Palin was. So the odds that someone just picked it out of thin air just tumbled a bit. I am also under the impression that this was a family pic (“Damn, Mom, you SMOKIN.”) and personal pic. So how did it end up on the web 2 years before Palin became a known figure in politics?

    It’s just a thought.

  4. Track Starr said

    Drill, Baby, Drill!

    Biblically speaking, as long as she is a Canaanite, it is perfectly OK to go in unto her.

  5. Contender said

    You dumbass… YOU may not have heard of her 2 years ago, but the people of Alaska did! And if you can’t tell right off the bat that this is photoshopped then you’re a bigger dumbass than I orginally thought. You retard…

  6. Ben said


    First of all, as somewhat of a photoshop expert, I tend to agree that the body ain’t hers. But you, sir, must be from Wasilla, because the rest of Alaska had no idea who Sarah Palin was two years ago (nor did they care, nor will they care in 3 months).

  7. aNicerMilf said

    Please, dudes…. as much fun as it would be for this pic to be for real…. it is really a fairly poor photoshop job. The shadow behind her is SOOOO unrealistic, among other things.

  8. Ernesto said

    I was a Democrat until I saw this picture… now I will vote for McCain!

    McCain 08/12

  9. jared said

    ok- I cant stand Palin just as much as the next person, but c’mon, that is so obviously photoshoped.

  10. Teeninchee said

    Ernesto, so you leave your party why? 1. Because you think it IS her and you think she is “hot”? 2. Because you think a Democrat created the pic in order to offend her?

    Don’t you know that ANYBODY can create a picture and TELL YOU they belong to a particular party in hopes that you will believe what they WANT you to believe. Don’t let ANYBODY fool you. A D/R/or I or NONPARTISAN could have created and uploaded the pic just to create an uproar.

    Anyway, the title asks does this look like the FACE of someone who would cheat? what is in the BRAIN makes a person cheat, not what the face or the body looks like. Adults should know that.

  11. Teeninchee said

    The thing I dislike most at the moment about Palin is her deciding to become an attack dog– giving a prepared speech about someone she does not know, whom IF she knew personally she might like and NOT attack. I HATE THAT from ANYBODY. A CHRISTIAN believes and practices “do unto others….” Senator Obama did not attack her. He defended her family’s right to privacy and rejected attacks made against them. McCain campaign plays the gender card when ANYONE says anything about her and she HIDES behind it. Sarah Palin should be woman enough to tell McCain surrogates to stop WHINING for her and let the chips fall where they may. COME ON NOVEMBER.

  12. Jamey said

    c’mon.. that’s a hackneyed photoshop job. Her neck is about 6 inches too long. My 6 year old kid could have done better than that.

    Just because she’s a c*nt doesn’t make her a sl*t.

    Have some respect…

  13. Teeninchee said

    FOCUS ON HER RECORD. The people of POLITICAL ALASKA who know her are talking. She is lying through her teeth, taking credit for stuff others did before her. She walked into a reformation in action. She LOBBIED FOR AND RECEIVED earmarks in the MILLIONS. She KEPT the money for the ‘bridge to nowhere’. She didn’t say thanks but no thanks! The woman lies with a smile. And is hidden so no one can call her out on it. CHECK THE RECORDS. They are available even between the stuff that some irresponsible bloggers have out here.


  14. colonialboy said

    The shadow and the size of the head not to mention the narrow and very-much-too-long neck give this away. Wonder Woman? No way.

  15. Andy said

    This picture is fake. Sarah Palin’s face and neck has been taken from another picture and put on another woman’s body. This picture has been produced by using PhotoShop software.

  16. electionconfidential said

    Proven fake. Sorry.

    Look at the size of the head. It looks like a balloon on a string.

    No offense intended. It’s just fake.

  17. jerry nash said

    Go to right now and this photo is one of the fakes they’re calling out.

    I’m serious, I’d get a lawyer.

  18. thepalinreport said

    Get a lawyer??

    The McCain/Palin campaign DOES NOT want to sue anyone…

    Do you know what happens when you sue someone… You go through DISCOVERY.

    Do you really think they want people picking up even more dirt from the papers that get released?

  19. thepalinreport said

    Which is exactly why the Enquirer isn’t going to have any trouble

    The Enquirer has been playing the “discovery” game for years

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