Steamy Details Of Sarah Palin Affair To Hit The Newsstand Within The Next Few Wks

September 4, 2008

A reliable source has tipped me off that that Enquirer has sent a number of folks to Alaska right now to cover this story. The Palin family has quite a few enemies in their hometown and there are a number of people who seem to be willing to spill the beans…Apparently they’re doing John McCain’s vetting for him.

Though the Enquirer has released false stories in the past, The Palin Report will give them the benefit of the doubt until the complete story is released.

It has been a number of years since they’ve released “World Weekly News” style stories. They have a ton of money to pay those who tip them off and I will keep you all updated with any pictures or text that hits the web or newsstands.

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47 Responses to “Steamy Details Of Sarah Palin Affair To Hit The Newsstand Within The Next Few Wks”

  1. BDV said

    Lol….scared liberals.

  2. saladsd said

    lol….stupid GOPs

  3. ainjibi said


  4. ainjibi said


  5. Are pictures involved!! Huh!

    The one thing of utmost importance to me is whether or not she intends to continue pouring billions of dollars into the war machine for Iraq. She made it clear, she’s committed to prolong this senseless warfare, which I see as a continuation of the Bush errors. Pretty face; lots of spunk, but in the end — to borrow an expression from Texas – – big hat, no cattle.

    Oh, and what’s with all the cowboy hats? There are no cowboys any more, so aren’t they just playing dress-up?

  6. donna said

    Find the details, make sure they’re true, then bring them on. We want to know every sleaze that this woman touched on. Oh, and get the pictures and quote plenty of people. I look forward to it.

  7. Cary said

    BDV said:
    September 4, 2008 at 4:38 am

    Lol….scared liberals.

    I’ve seen this “they must be scared” comment all over the internets. I guess a lot of republicans are living in total denial.

    How else could so many of you misread “uproarious hilarity” as ‘fear’?

    We’re not scared of her. Every single liberal I know is laughing their ass off at John McCain’s incompetent and scandal ridden pick.

    Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving. We and much of the (right and left) pundit-ocracy believe McCain has just delivered Obama’s victory on a platter. The early polling is proving this out, for ever crazy-base-land woman Palin draws to McSame, she’s pushing two independent voters away from McSame.

    I think this train wreck is just going to keep on getting better. McSame has based his whole campaign on judgement. No matter what sort of scandals come out, McSame can’t get rid of her without admitting his first presidential decision was appallingly bad. In other words, he can’t get rid of her, no matter what.

    Get some popcorn and sit back, this should be a fun two months.

  8. strelec said

    This terrible pick says everything about John McCain’s abysmal judgment and reckless temperament. This woman has blatantly lied about her record in all three of her public appearances, she is for banning books, firing anyone who doesn’t give her complete support converting Jews to Christians, Alaskan secession, and all sort of other things that should give any sane person pause. Plus she loves raising taxes, employing lobbyists to get federal earmarks, and turning over a major oil pipeline job to a non-US firm. Is this who we really want in the No. 2 position? And as a radical anti-abortion Christian she celebrates premarital teenage sex by having her daughter’s boyfriend appear at the convention? If she wanted privacy for the child, why parade the boyfriend around like this? The lies and hypocrisy, typical of the GOP, are boundless. If she did have an affair, would anyone be surprised?

  9. ann said

    This is great! I so hope it is true! Did anyone see her daughters pics on my space? Drinking and parting.The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.LOL

  10. Steve said

    Yes you Dems can’t stand that your “community organizer” and media creation Bore-ack is less qualified than the Republicans VP candidate. LOL. Talking about denial. And the Dems didn’t waste time releasing their surrogate press hounds onto her. It’s going to backfire and actually will desensitize the public to the extent that they won’t believe even legitimate reports. Bore-ack has NO experience in an executive role – zilch. He’s a fine orator, a media darling, and his plagiarizing sidekick has no governing experience as well. And I am elated you are belittling Republicans as stupid because that is always you are ringing your hands like all Dems do in a crisis. Hear the laughter — your media ride is up — you’re going down.

  11. Missy said

    Steve, why do you just buy into their lies? And I woudn’t repeat their attack on his work as a community organizer about 20 years ago. He was actually serving his community and helping people in need. Bringing people together in the community to unite and make a difference. I really don’t understand why they would choose to belittle something like that, and why people actually applauded. Were they listening?

    We went to serve you! But ha look at this guy he actually went out in his community to help people and serve them and offer support, what an idiot!

    I don’t get it? It sounds very elitist. Thats really all their doing is making fun of a noble act. It really doesn’t speak about his experience or credentials as a whole. It was part of what he did many years ago, and he’s done many things since then.

    And now apparently community organizers don’t do anything and aren’t a valued member of the community. They don’t have “actual responsibilities” according to Palin.

  12. Digger said

    Extraordinary, the hypocrisy of McCain’s choice of VP has left him with nowhere to go strategically. In some parts the Palins’ would be referred to as cashed-up bush-pigs. Palin’s sharp persona really doesn’t seem very Christian or very vice-presidential and one wonders why Joe Lieberman, a female leader from corporate America or Bobby Jindal weren’t brought on board in preference to her. Perhaps this choice is meant to counter Obama’s perceived Harvard lawyer oratorical persona. I thought that is why he is equipped to be president. As Little Stephen from the E-Street band suggested: let the smartest guy in the room have a go. To counter with her as a conservative populist choice who embodies a “can-do” frontier spirit in order to to reach out to Hillary supporters smacks of desperation and poor judgement. It’s hard to conflate assuaging the religious right with bringing Clinton centrist feminists on board (the choice debate anyone). Yet this is exactly what McCain has tried to do with his choice of VP. Once the stardust wears off, the recession hits hard, and Iraq debates kicks in again McCain’s choice, while bold and understandable, will ultimately look wrong. Ultimately the Clintonites will go with Obama and HC will end up Secretary of State in a Democrat administration.
    While she will harden his support in the South, maybe the Mid-West and Alaska I really can’t see Palin helping McCain in places like Virginia, the Rocky Mountain states or even in Florida if its in play come election day. In fact I think her values will freak a lot of folks out when they get to know her better. Sure she is telegenic and engaging but I can’t think of a more regular guy than Joe Biden. The Obama-Biden ticket seems like the healing ticket for troubled times Perhaps McCain should have left her, the moose hunting parents, the fisherman husband, the mellow younger children, the pregnant daughter and her critter boyfriend, the state government sacking scandals and salacious affair rumours back in Alaska.

  13. Simply Apalin said

    Her speech was no more that a High School pep rally. This woman is no more qualified to be Vice Preseident than I am. Last year this time by her own admission, she was driving her kids to hockey practice.

    I was in Alaska for 18mos. Alaska has about 15 people and 750,000 caribou.

    It won’t matter when it is all said and done, Palin can go back to Alaska and be a mom to her FIVE children!

  14. Annie said

    Please attend to the most important well documented disqualifier: she is publically not truthful in a snide manner that tramples the worth of others. This is qualitatively not leadership. And I’ve worked alongside and done PTA, kid’s sports, and church activities with sexy, ambitious zealots who leave a trail brokeness in their wake and a needed, purposeful organization in shambles.

  15. Beda said

    All I hear is more lies from these republicans more attacks on the only people who care if we eat, get an education, bring our jobs back or get quality healthcare at a reasonable price. Thats even more reason why we need to go out in drives & vote the Obama /Biden ticket and get everyone registered before the deadline. I am an advocate for healthcare, that is why my website provides the means for affordable coverage. Its a shame that we consider our Country number 1 but fail to take care of our people. Palin will have more skeletons that will fall out of her closet. She needed to do the slaughtering if Sen Obama to cover up her corruptive scandals. If she is really a christian then she should be ready for God’s wrath on her 2 faced twisted self . She knows how to twist & turn the scandals into positive ideals. She will force that young man to marry the daughter he probably pregnated right there in her home since she does no seem to find time to be there for her children. They are the do no wrong republicans who will again lie to the American people who mostly trusts what they hear & believe then suffer for their decision later. God go with us through this mud.

  16. Track Starr said

    Does it seem ironic to anyone that Palin criticizes Obama for helping people before he attended Harvard Law School? Meanwhile, she brags about entering beauty contests to earn money to pay for college, at the same time Obama was a community volunteer? Anyone who knows anything about those beauty pageants knows they are an enormous sinkhole of expenses. The idea that one can earn one’s way though college this way is ludicrous!

  17. anchorcheck said

    You leftist zealots are in trouble. You HAVE captured the democratic party. No question about it. BUT, you are morons. No question about that either.

    Obama is a charlatan. I am from Illinois. It is the MOST CORRUPT state in the union. You have NO idea how ludicrously it is governed. The fact that Obama rose so effortlessly through this slime filled state power machine shows that Obama has known how to get along in the slime. He is dirty, and the Rezko connection has smoke billowing from it, but the media will not look into it.

    I think you leftists will find that Americans are on to Obama. They sense a phony.

  18. Scared Canadian Liberal said

    I’m a scared liberal.

    I’m scared that there are still way too many Americans that are vulnerable to being manipulated by these transparent Republican campaign tactics.

    How can it be so easy for people living outside of the United States to see right through the lies and manipulation of the Republicans?

    I’m also scared that the media organizations in the United States are going to continue not doing their jobs. Report the facts. If a politician lies or tries to manipulate the truth, call them on it and don’t drop the matter.

    If the Repulicans win again, the rest of the world is going to see America as a declining power. Weak leadership. People in power with minds not based in reality.

    Come on Americans! About 50% of you are smart enough to not fall for this. You have to talk to your neighbours who drink the right’s Kool-Aid without thinking. Is there any hope for these people to start thinking for themselves?

    The world could benefit from a great America being restored on the world scene. I really hope the pendulum shifts soon.

    Good luck, Americans!

    I really hope that the Republican party takes a terrible drubbing in this election and eventually there is a major purge within the party so that decent, thinking, Republicans can take-back and save the party.

  19. John said

    Whether it’s true that she had an affair and her church prays for Armageddon, wants to ban the pill, and hates Jews, it is immaterial. She has lied in public more than once in the past few days by claiming she’s always been a maverick opposed to earmarks. It’s a fact in the public record that earlier in her career she was massively in favor of earmarks.

    We’ve had enough of divisive leaders lying to our faces.

  20. KT said

    I too am from Illinois and yes there is corruption within the levels of our government. However, Barack Obama has NOT been connected to any of this! Our last REPUBLICAN governor was probably the most corrupt leader in Illinois history, so as for it being a Democratic thing, you are full of crap.

    Do you honestly believe that if Obama had any real involvement in the Rezko scandal it would have been covered up by the press? Rezko’s wife was his real estate agent and friend. She helped him purchase his house and bought the lot next to Obama’s because it was a packaged deal and the Obama’s couldn’t afford both. Is this illegal? I don’t even believe it is unethical. Obama also gave ALL of Rezko’s campaign contributions to charity and admitted that it was a mistake to accept the money. An HONEST POLITICIAN! Now there is an oxymoron.

    Speaking of morons, the gentleman above who claimed that Obama’s swift rise to Senator was a result of “leftist slime machine,” is so offbase. Research his resume! He was very active in his local community in helping others. He is inspiring and a great example of the American Dream. He is Harvard educated at the top of his class. He is self made. I have tried to refrain from the name calling that seems to be a Republican thing, but as a former Republican, I can’t resist. You Anchorcheck, are a frickin’ idiot!!!! Educate yourself on the facts!

  21. David Matthews said

    What else is going to come out about this woman. McCain has shot himself in the foot. Now we know why the daughter got pregnant..she must have picked up some really bad habits from mum!

  22. Zeyne said

    Isn’t it odd that there’d be a troll standing right there, at 4:38 in the morning, to make the first comment in this list — “Lol…scared liberals.” How did he/she get to the head of the line? Waited all night for the privilege? Now there’s a mystery to contemplate while the rest of us wait for the abominable Sarah to implode, along with the guy who picked her.

    Go get ’em, National Enquirer!

  23. Indieguy said

    So far it’s just a rumor. However, if it’s true bring it on. Have the Republicans ever held back the truth or the lies to discredit an opponent? Not on your life.

  24. Andrew said

    It’s pretty funny everybody is talking about the VP and not McCain, says a lot about Obama’s opponent..

    A man like Obama comes along once in a lifetime! If the states can’t see this then our problems are worse then we think.

  25. deeppeace said

    Okay, here’s the deal: She lies. She misrepresents (a fine distinction). Maybe she had an affair, maybe not. She revels in judging others while crying that she should be untouchable. She changes her political ‘history’ with the wind so it will suit her intended outcome. “Hockey Mother?” Maybe. “Mother of the Year?” Far from it. But there is nothing new here! THIS IS NORMAL FOR REPUBLICANS. How far over our shoulders do we have to look to see that this exactly what we’ve been enduring for the past 8 years?

    What we have to do is look ahead to how to overcome the evil.

    Wanna heal an ugly, pus-filled sore? Expose it to fresh air and lots of light.

    Wanna send insects running? Shine a bright light on them. Expose them.

    All of these small distractions are keeping us from focusing on what really matters: The next POTUS is likely to appoint as many as three Supremes. Those appointments will affect the next generation of CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    The next POTUS will have the freedom to exercise signing statements (look it up) to ignore legislation.

    The next POTUS will be able to listen in to your conversations without a warrant. Yes, yours.

    The next POTUS will appoint a cabinet, who could surround themselves with Scooter Libbys and Monica Goodlings and Alberto Gonzaleses and Harriet Mierses.

    The next POTUS could draft your children into an illegitimate war. How much more do you need?

    I don’t care who she or her kid slept with. There are more important matters at hand. Pay attention to THEM.

  26. Bill said

    Let me see if I have this right.
    Democratic person giving of himself to serve the community = BAD

    Republicans / Bush giving millions of tax dollars to faith based organizations to provide community service = GOOD.

    The hypcracy is deafening.

  27. RD said

    Hey KT, you are an idiot. Get your facts correct on your So-called self made man. He was good friend with Mr. Resco, who is now a convicted felon.. Liberals are pathetic!!!! Obama has 0 experience. What the F_ _ _! is a community organizer??? Tell me, I’d love to know!!! He has a resume a bit better than Al Sharpton… You want this idiot running the US. Give me a break…..

  28. […] From The Palin Report: “Steamy Details Of Sarah Palin Affair To Hit The Newstands…” [Link] […]

  29. KT said

    Okay, let’s break this down for a minute. Obviously you, RD, have done absolutely NO research on Senator Obama’s resume. If you had, you would know what a Community organizer and what Obama did as a community organizer. (See Welcome Back Veteran’ – “Obama’s Community Roots.” He is a top of his class Harvard Law School Grad. To compare Obama to Al Sharpton is pure ignorance plain and simple. Barack has ALWAYS worked to serve others. He IS self made. He came from humble beginnings and had struggles in his life. He had to finance his education like many of us through loans and scholarships. He made $13,000 a year at his first job upon his college graduation. He know what it means to work hard and understands the middle class. He worked closely with Chicago’s working class. Again, EDUCATE YOURSELF! READ! BE INFORMED! Regurgitate

    I acknowledge Senator McCain’s military heroism and service and up until he voted with Bush 90% percent of the time, I would even say that he voted his conscience. But he is a hypocrite. Eight years ago, Bush along with Carl Rove trashed and lied about McCain. For example making the claim that McCain had an illegitimate child. Now Mc Cain has hired the very man who came up with these vicious lies and slander, Mr. Rove. Also, McCain created the legislation for campaign financing and now he has gone against the reform he was so passionate about. Some even claim that this maybe breaking the law HE created. Anything to get elected no matter how unethical or wrong that is McCain philosophy.

    Sarah Palin as Vice President, now that sir, is pathetic! Eighteen months as a governor of the 47th most populous state where there are more frickin reindeer than people, that is experience? Oh no wait, she was the mayor of a town of 6,000 people, that is the experience you are talking about! Or was her career aspirations as a young woman of being on “ESPN someday” that you are referring to? Right now the Alaskan legislature has called an emergency Ethics hearing on September 12th. I wonder what that is all about?!!!! Could it be that she may have broken some laws? Only time will tell. She is one step above White trash. And she puts her career ahead of her family period. Can you honestly tell me that the thought of her being President doesn’t scare the carp out of you? I want my President to have pictures on the web wearing a tee shirt that read, ” I Maybe Broke, but At Least I Am Not Flat-Chested!” What an embarrassment! McCain looked like he was on Death’s Door last night and I am very frightened that Sarah Palin could become President if elected. It amazes me how Repubs can argue Obama’s “lack of experience” and ignore Sarah Palin’s. And I am not anti-woman. I voted for Hillary and I am a woman.

    I could go on and on about how sick and twisted the Republican Party is. They are run by the Christian Right and that scares me. They are extremist right wing and that scares me.

    One last thing Obama is not crooked just because he is friends with Tony Rezko. Infact, he has broken all ties with him. The guilt by association argument is stupid and baseless. That is like saying if you are friends with someone who breaks the law then you have also broken the law. I think not.

    Note: Interestingly enough, Todd Palin’s business partner has just made a motion to have his divorce records sealed,….. the plot thickens. Can you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if Obama or Biden was being accused of an affair?

  30. RIGHTEOUS1 said


  31. electionconfidential said

    Evidently the Assembly of God upbringing has repressed Sarah Palin to the point that she just has lava between her legs. I’m sure that a lot of very important people are whores, but Palin just can’t seem to get enough.

    Bears in Alaska may hibernate, but evidently the Governor is always in season. Hopefully she will be caught in one of the myriad indiscretions in which she is involved before she finds that PERFECT passage in Revelations that leads her to be preemptive about Armageddon.

  32. gg said

    I wonder if she has done the pole or porn. Nothing about her so called clean life is adding up.

  33. gg said

    I also keep hearing that she had a shotgun wedding herself. Don’t know if it is true.Could it just be something that has been passed down to her daughter.

  34. Anonymous said

    “RIGHTEOUS1 said:
    September 5, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    “gg said:
    September 6, 2008 at 2:19 am
    I wonder if she has done the pole or porn. Nothing about her so called clean life is adding up.”

    Yes you little liberal morons, keep it up. When Obambi and Biden are left holding each others jocks at the altar. You will all just cry and probably say something was wrong with the voting machines. Palin was attacked first and she gave back exactly what she got. Now you are all frightened by this woman. The proof is all the attention you are giving her. Republicans all but ignored the Biden pick, why, because to us he is a long winded blow-hard. Palin rocks the house and now amount of FAKE pictures and stories will destroy her! Your just rallying the party around her with your lies

  35. deeppeace said

    Hold up there, gg. When you make rude attacks like that, you throw away whatever credibility you started out with. She’s handed you enough actual facts to hang herself–don’t go making things up.

  36. KT said

    Okay guys, I have said my piece on this site (see above) and after much thought, I have come to the conclusion that we Obama supporters have to abandon this Sarah Palin thing. If we can focus of the ISSUES and GETTING THE TRUTH out there than Senator Obama will be the next President. Let the Republicans hang themselves. In the meantime, BE INFORMED and SPREAD Senator Obama’s message of peace and prosperity and hope.

  37. I still love Sarah Palin even if there are tons of Sarah Palin Scandal, There will always be scandals but not always good candidates

  38. dave said

    I’m from Illinois, also, and it is indeed a corrupt state – the Republican party was a cesspool and voted out of office and the new Dem governor is completely corrupt. However, while Obama obviously worked alongside those folks, he is not corrupt. People pushing this tired mantra are just full of crap, don’t know anything about local politics here and are just wanting to smear Obama. He could cure cancer and they’d criticize him because they hate Democrats and want the Republicans to win. That’s OK if you want your party to win and you like their candidates and policies better, but at least come up with something of substance. I agree with KT – let’s focus on the issues and candidates, not the sideshow.

  39. deeppeace said

    I worked since I was sixteen, raised children while balancing a $4 million budget, and can read from a teleprompter. Am I qualified?

  40. Pointed Revelations said

    “McCain’s Ties to Shadowy Security Company Confirmed”

    John McCain makes occasional mention of his friend, Admiral Chuck Larson, whose distinguished career includes the command of nuclear submarines and the management of the Naval Academy.

    Not as well known but by no means concealed is Larson’s link to Washington’s ViaGlobal Group, the successor company to ViaFinance and Galway Partners.

    ViaGlobal was serving as the “business incubator” for Rosetta Research and Consulting LLC, best known as the company involved in luring Afghan tribal chieftain and accused drug kingpin Haji Bashar Noorzai to the U.S., where he was arrested in April of 2005.

    One of Rosetta’s Department of Defense sponsors, believed to be a senior staff member in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, brokered an introduction to CNN military commentator General David Grange, who serves as an advisor to ViaGlobal.

    Grange made the initial arrangements between Rosetta, represented by former Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman partner and ex-NSC attorney Joseph Myers, now with the International Monetary Fund, and ViaGlobal’s chairman, Frank Gren.

    Another former Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman partner, Carole Van Cleefe, brokered a deal between Rosetta and Oracle. Oracle project managers Barbara Bleiweiss and Peter Bloom attempted to establish a joint venture using an existing contract vehicle with the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF), but was unsuccessful due to Rosetta’s cost demands.

    Gren and his colleagues sought to obtain additional funding for Rosetta, as millions of dollars in investment money had been spent on payments to secure the confidence of Noorzai. Myers, Gren, and others sought sources of funding such as a contract with the FBI as well as an investment from fallen tobacco lawyer Dickie Scruggs.

    ViaGlobal appears to have used McCain, acting through staffer Chris Paul, to divert a 2004 FBI internal investigation into dealings between Rosetta contractors and certain FBI employees.

    This was the subject of a meeting held with the FBI’s Deputy Director John Pistole in late 2004.

    In mid 2006, the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General conducted an investigation into criminal activities of the same FBI employees. Rosetta’s phone, email, and contractual records were subpoenaed. In addition, several Rosetta officials and advisors were questioned for several weeks.

    Papers filed as part of the Noorzai case show that Rosetta, acting under the orders of senior U.S. officials, promised Noorzai he would not be arrested. Rosetta also paid substantial sums to various foreign government officials who then lied to Noorzai about the actual purpose of the meetings. Noorzai had been indicted as a drug kingpin, and since efforts to secure his cooperation in other matters had failed, the decision was made to bring him to the United States and arrest him.

    The papers also show that Rosetta sought and obtained in excess of ten million dollars from investors, who believed they were investing in a security company. Instead, the money was being used to finance the lavish and extensive travel needed to locate Noorzai and gain his confidence. The investors are understandably upset, but since the Rosetta principals are known only as “Mike” and “Brian” no success has been had in locating them.

    Rosetta also had improper relationships with a handful of FBI employees, who were later investigated for contributing to Rosetta’s alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices and Neutrality Acts.

    As part of the incubation arrangement, ViaGlobal sought to obtain ownership of Rosetta’s proprietary database of terrorist financiers as well as access to the extensive network of contacts in the Middle East developed as part of the dealings with Noorzai.

  41. Cathy said

    I do not believe that “all” of Sarah Palin’s doctrine is representative of true Christianity. And even if it were I would not want to see her as Vice President of the United States because I believe in the biblical doctrine of separation of church and state.

    But . . .

    I would also say as Jesus said . . .

    John 8:7 . . . He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.


    Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

  42. saintlewis said

    Does it really matter that she had an affair? At least, it can’t possibly matter to the DEMOCRATS that it happened, can it?! REALLY?! CAN THE CLINTON-IS-GOD PARTY ACTUALLY MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS? Personally, I’m neither a democrat (anymore) or a republican – I would call myself a “libertarians with the heart of a christian socialist” – but I honestly can’t see why anyone is making an issue out of this? I mean, the only reason Bill got in trouble for infidelity was because he lied under oath about it. Seems to be silly for the dems to make a deal out of it, seems to me.

  43. themikeyreport said

    Please, Please, PLEASE continue to post your crap on Palin. You and Keith Oberdork will never learn.

  44. katierook said

    It’s disheartening to see how quick everyone is to deface her, to tarnish her character with no hard facts. Shoot, unless some cold, hard facts are presented- back off. Unless you want to reopen Bill Clinton’s scandal during his presidency, leave her alone and let the real truth -whatever it may be- surface.

  45. Delicious hypocrisy! Bring it on! I want pics even though we know it happened.

  46. […] extremism is bad, but one is incalculably worse. In other news, if you’d like gossip, click here; I won’t boost these rumors myself, but I’ll show you the […]

  47. deeppeace said

    “katierook said:
    September 8, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    It’s disheartening to see how quick everyone is to deface her, to tarnish her character with no hard facts…”

    Read the paper.

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