Brad Hanson – Sarah Palin’s other lover and…a city council member?

September 5, 2008

Rumor has it that Mr. Brad Hanson, the man that has spilled the beans on his affair with Sarah Palin to The Enquirer is now a member of the Palmer City Council. He was married at the time when he was alleged to be with Palin.

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9 Responses to “Brad Hanson – Sarah Palin’s other lover and…a city council member?”

  1. neverapartinheart said

    Is this crap? Or reality?


  2. Andy said

    This is a bunch of baloney thrown by the Democrats coz they know how strong Sarah Palin is and what she brings to the Republican Ticket. This is an all out attempt to portray a woman in the nastiest possible way. I’m sure they will come out with more lies about her.

  3. pam said

    Well I don’t think the Enquirer is hyping this story up for no reason. They must have something on her.

  4. McBush said

    Looks like your Holy Grail Palin is a Rusted Doorknob. Everyone gets a turn.

  5. jen said

    Hey, Andy. If this is simply a rumor perpetrated by Dems to smear Sarah Palin, then they learned it from the Karl Rove Handbook.

  6. Sick of BushCo said

    So far as I know, the Democratic party does not own the National Enquirer, who broke this story.

  7. What happens in Wassila…stays in Wasilla? Hmmmmm……not likely.

  8. Michael said

    The apple does not fall far from the tree. Bristol is a slut so does her mother. Oh wait she might have learned from “whore” Palin

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