Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair?

September 5, 2008

I want some reader opinions as to how this Enquirer story is going to turn out.

McCain v. Obama – Let Us Know Who You Want To Win


6 Responses to “Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair?”

  1. Syrin said

    YES, she had several affairs! John Merideth Dec 2006, Henry Kottle?

  2. Cary said

    If the affair really happened, the Enquirer will get to the truth.

    Firstly because they don’t share major media’s allergy to paying money for dirt. Secondly because the Wooten side of the family and a lot of people in her town seem to REALLY dislike Sarah Palin. She looks to have made a lot of enemies on her way up, she’ll get hit by every one on her way down.

    While the Enquirer will probably get to the truth of this affair, proof another matter. It’s damned difficult to prove an affair that happened last night, let alone last year or last decade.

    Other than the unlikely existence of photos of videos, I think the only proof which would be accepted by the general public is a full, on-the-record admission of the affair by her lover.

    Maybe the Enquirer will pay the guy a few hundred thousand for an exclusive. It would be a good investment, they’d make every penny back. An exclusive like that combined with a book deal could make millions.

  3. Dennis said

    Syrin………..Really? More info/facts please.

  4. Gayle said

    I think the Klondike Clampetts have a lot of skeletons in their closet. I hope the Enquirer does get to the truth about this affair…or others. Palen’s hipocrosy is stunning. This entire media blackout is a smokescreen to protect the campaign and Palin from answering any personal questions. Some Alaskans have dismissed her amoral behavior saying ‘it’s just the way it is up here’…

    I want answers to her personal life. She owes that to the American public if she intends to seek high office. I hope her background is gone over with a fine-toothed comb. If there’s nothing to hide why did Hanson go to court to have his divorce records sealed?

    Palin plays fast and loose with the truth while crying foul to the press. Every stone needs to overturned and the real Sarah Palin might crawl out…

  5. This is such slanderous activity – no on this earth is qualified to judge one another – Move On to the Real Importance For Our Country and get out of swamp

  6. Micky Mouse said

    She gave me head

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