September 5, 2008

Source: The Atlantic

Todd Palin’s former business partner Brad Hanson files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed.

Lets see where this takes us

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  1. Dennis said

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it sure ain’t a moose.

  2. Cary said

    I just checked and can’t find mention of this anywhere.

    Is there a link?

    One would think that the National Enquirer would have pulled his divorce records the moment they found out his name. They’ve probably known his name most of the week. I suppose the clerk’s office was probably closed on Monday, but if they’ve got people on the ground they could have had them from Tuesday on.

    Emergency stop or not, it’s probably too late. The Enquirer probably already has them.

  3. Cary said

    Ok, found it.

    A lot of people are confusing two different guys that Sarah knew.

    Scott Richter is Todd Palin’s former business partner. Richter filed to have his divorce sealed this week. His petition was DENIED. Records of the court filings are below:

    Brad Hansen is the town councilman most strongly rumored to have had an affair with Sarah Palin.

    Did she have affairs with both Richter and Hanson? I guess we’ll see.

  4. I think, the people of National Enquire, are wasting their time with this story, Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, will never allow this people to anything with it.

    Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin, have the help of the main media in this country, and they never will publish anything against them two republican candidates.

    Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin, also have the help, of the ones that call themselve, chistians, the ones that say, that to lie and to practic racism is not a sin against God. I don’t know wich Bible this people read,, because according to the Bilbe that I read, to lie and to practic racism, are sins like anyother sin.

  5. movid said

    Sarah seems to have succumbed(assuming that she had had what she claims she hasn’t had) and so far she has not denied. Which seems to smack of some truth. A good-looking woman shud not keep things to herself or put things to restricted use. she sure shud spread it around. good luck to her

  6. Where is Tammy Wynette when you need her?


  7. Henry said

    The guy’s kind of cute. I’d go to bed with him, too. He certainly does not appear to have a gym body. I guess Ms. Palin likes bears. Probably a moderately hairy chest and small to medium endowment. I think Todd’s a lot better looking. If he wants some company, have him call me. I can take care of all of his needs.

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