Sarah Palin’s Lover On The City of Palmer Website

September 5, 2008

Look what I found while stumbling around the web this morning

Brad Hanson’s City of Palmer Information

Anyone want to predict the amount of time until they take this down??

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16 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Lover On The City of Palmer Website”

  1. susie said

    If you Google:

    brad hanson alaska

    you get his phone listing in Palmer, Alaska

    I don’t have the nerve to call and ask if it’s true- I’m afraid of retribution from Sarah the Hun

  2. Elisabeth said

    While I enjoy a good smear, there is so much low hanging fruit about this woman that is supported by lots of evidence. She is poised to set women back 50 years from where we are today in terms of equality and respect. She pretends to be the Joan of Arc dressed as June Cleaver but she is an anti-feminist small minded, mean spirited woman. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    It should be so easy to just use facts to smear her. Start with her being an unfit mother.

  3. Track Starr said

    It is slim pickens in Alaska.

  4. Michelle said

    Elizabeth – are all parents of unwed mothers “unfit”? Or is mothers that have jobs that are unfit? Or are you saying that because she didn’t abort her beautiful baby because he had special needs?

    You might want to be careful with your answer.

    Someone here sure sounds mean spirited.

  5. Joanne said

    JUST FYI…Elizabeth is not too off base on her analysis of Sarah Palin. Being a working mother, Independent and liking McCain…I too am very disappointed in his choice of Sarah Palin not only for women, but for our children and their education.

    As for motherhood, regardless of your religion, race, political commitment….I for one am very pleased that my children have followed the morals and ethics taught in our home. I am a GOOD mother and have done an exlempary job. I can not say that about Sarah Palin. And by the way, that has nothing to do with her keeping a down syndrome child. Most people I know including myself would never abort knowing it was down syndrome…so do not play that card Michelle.

    Sarah Palin is so not worthy of this position!

  6. viperman said

    After that Sara Palin speech I thought it be best to choose a side.

    BTW, the loan McCain received to purchase the land was a signature loan from Charles Keating.

    Very interesting reading: pass it on!

    What is most disturbing about the statements made in Sara’s speech was the role of community organizers that helped victims from disasters such as hurricane Katrina. The organized government under the bush administration was not prepared. The other interesting point of all the speeches yesterday is in the mist of the current hurricane disaster, there was no mention of the victims, the families nor the devastation which the so called caring republicans threatened to postpone the convention over.

    This is country first at work!

  7. electionconfidential said

    I don’t know why everyone wants to change the subject to working mothers etc. The subject is about integrity. I’m not saying that other politicians have more integrity than Palin, but I’m 49 years old and have never seen this much hit the fan within the first week of someone’s introduction to national politics.

    I’ve read a lot about “TrooperGate” and I promise, ANY politician would be in trouble over that one.

    She also SOMEWHAT invites scrutiny of her personal life due to her strong statements regarding abstinence…

  8. ray crain said

    well mccain has a younger blonde wife he got while still married; his lobbyist friend with the florida insurance is a young blonde, his senior campaign leader is a younger blonde, guess he needed a brunette to spice up his harem

  9. Michelle said

    Joann- in your defense of Elizabeth you still didn’t give any reason that you think makes her a bad mother.

    A working mother?
    A conservative mother?
    Does the fact that her daughter is pregnant out of wedlock make her a bad mother?

    What is is?

    Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she is a bad mother.

    Plenty of very good parents have children that don’t make the right choices in their eyes. But this young lady has taken responsibility and is KEEPING her child instead of aborting it because it is punishment for her actions. Sounds like she raised a great kid to me.

  10. greg said

    Palin’s an unfit mother because she CHOSE to expose her daughter to the world. Teen pregnancy is difficult enough on daughters and families. Imaging trying to go through it in the world wide public eye. And please don’t say it’s the media’s fault for discussing this issue. Unless Palin has been in the wilderness too long, she should have known what was going to happen once Bristol’s pregnancy became public.

  11. joan said

    I agree with Greg. Palin is a bad mother because of all the media attention she chose to expose her daughter to. Also what kind of a mother will she be to that new baby? Having four children to care for will leave someone on the short side of the stick, and I don’t want the American People to be the slighted side!

  12. Mary Clauss said

    ray crain, have you done any fact checking lately on Joe Biden’s lobbyist son, Hunter? We do have to watch the kind of inflammatory language we use, especially when it can come back and bite us. I mean, are there “good” lobbyists and “bad” lobbyists? Don’t smear the whole profession.

    Hunter Biden is one hell of an interesting dude, may wind up taking Biden’s seat in the Senate. Oh, and he’s into hedge funds, Paradigm Companies LLC,, of which he was President for a time.

    I think we can all have fun with all 4 of the candidates.

  13. Michelle said

    She chose to expose her daughter to the world? Oh my god. Should she have locked her up in some 1950’s unwed mothers group home?

    This would really be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

  14. Krys said

    Yes Michelle. She choose to expose her daughter. Sarah and Todd Palin trotted their family out on stage, wth the baby daddy, who totally looked miserable and facing the business end of the shot gun, and told us that their family was justlike mine. Not it’s not.
    I don’t have a knocked up 17 yr old, who’s sleeping with her dropout boyfriend.
    I have never had an affair, cheated on my husband or even thought about it.
    I do have a spcial needs kid. I’m his mom first, and his greatest avocate. No one, even Dad, can’t do what I do, and that’s be Joshies’ mom.

    Madame Palin could have told McCain No, not this go round. She’s too many family issues to sort through. instead, she grabbed her gun and bible and left her family – again. They’ll be fine. They have Todd at home. Yea, that worked with Bristol, now dident it?

  15. Michelle said

    This is just too funny.


    /liberal thinking

    I hear ya.


    /extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme sarcasm for those lacking

    You guys have all the hypocritical fun you want. Normal people will realize how crazy this thought process is 🙂

    *chose to subject her daughter to*…
    A bunch of mean spirited democrats that all have perfect kids and none of them have ever done anything wrong, because if they did a real liberal would give up their dreams of being anything other than a housewife and keep their kid locked away from everyone if they made the ghastly decision to keep the “thing”*


    That woman wasn’t raped! She subjected the men to looking at her legs in that skirt and she got what was coming to her!

    Just like Bristol wasn’t attacked! Her mom put her out here and MADE us attack her! But that other kid that is 17 and just murdered a man… oh yeah… has a right to privacy… how dare anyone try to print that name with anything bad attached to it because at 17 murderers have a right to privacy, but VP candidate’s kids don’t after the candidate accepts the offer.


    ^ That really is what you guys sound like.

  16. Michael said

    How can anyone defense Sarah Palin? The way I see it that Sarah Palin has failed in running her “little house” so how can she run our country.

    I am a family man. Where is the family value in Sarah Palin household? Sarah Palin is a slut so does her daughter Bristol.

    The Republican is insulting our intelligence by presenting us McCain/Palin and saying this is the best that American has to offer??????

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