What you can–and can’t–find about Palin on the Internet

September 5, 2008

Source: CNET
A would-be Palin shares her inner-most thoughts on “The PalinDrome: Sarah Palin’s Blog”. A faux Levi Johnston (that’d be Palin’s soon-to-be son-in-law, for those of you out of the loop) can also be found online.
You can join one of the hundreds of new Facebook groups passing judgment about Palin– ranging from “Sarah Palin has more Executive experience than Obama and Biden combined” to “I have more Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin.” There is even a Governor Palin Facebook application… that doesn’t seem to have any sort of application.
There are plenty of crude references to Palin online–on the less offensive side, one can buy merchandise calling Palin a “Babe-raham Lincoln.”
John McCain’s announcement last week that he has chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate left the public thirsting for information about the Alaska governor– and inspired hundreds of commentators, entrepreneurs, and Palin imitators to try to fill in the gaps. If Palin doesn’t suffice as your VP pick, one site recommends you try her out as your new Segway.
It’s also interesting to note what you can’t find on Palin on the Internet. As pointed out on Versionista, the Palin for Governor site disappeared the morning she was announced as McCain’s running mate.
There could be a lot to glean about Palin’s views and policy positions from her churchgoing history, the Huffington Post pointed out Tuesday. However, the archived sermons cited in the article are now inaccessible.
And, of course, the most authoritative site on the Internet–Wikipedia–has changed the story of Palin numerous times.
Of course, one could always turn to Palin’s official biography for more information–but what fun would that be?

McCain v. Obama – Let Us Know Who You Want To Win


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