Clinton praises Palin’s candidacy

September 9, 2008

Source: Al Jazeera
Hillary Clinton, the former first lady who lost the race for the Democratic presidential nomination this year, has praised Sarah Palin’s achievement in becoming the first female Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Clinton told a Democratic campaign rally in Florida on Monday that the Alaska governor’s candidacy as John McCain’s running-mate was a “great accomplishment”.

However, Clinton, campaigning for former rival Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, and Joe Biden, his running-mate, said McCain and Palin “are not the change that we need”.

The New York senator also said the election would be decided on issues, rather than the historical significance of the candidates.

“Women as well as men make their decisions after they weigh the evidence,” Clinton said.

It was Clinton’s second campaign visit to Florida since she conceded the Democratic nomination to Obama in June.

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One Response to “Clinton praises Palin’s candidacy”

  1. Track Starr said

    How about that Chelsie? She turned out alright, didn’t she? At least she didn’t get knocked up out of wedlock.

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