Sarah Palin’s Fertility Scares Republicans

September 9, 2008

Source: The Spoof
Washington – Republicans are worried that super fertile Sarah Palin may become pregnant again at the drop-of-a-hat while on the campaign trail. Body guards have been appointed to keep virile men at bay, at least six feet away, and guard against errant erections, particularly in Washington.

Battle stations for the guards are one in the front and one at the rear with an additional man dedicated to guard the honey pot.

Orders have been given to use extreme force to prevent security from being penetrated.

Insiders say senator McCain does not want Palin to have a child while he is in the White House and has already had a dustup with her shouting angrily, “I’ll be the one wearing the diapers around here”.

A new baby for Palin, if McCain claims the White House, may become an issue that crosses over party lines. Palin is notorious for shying away from good Christian names for family members. Some say she is in fact attracted to odd names as evidenced by her husband Bebo, son Half-track and daughter Southampton. The naming of a new Palin child while she is vice-president could prove to be a national embarrassment.

McCain v. Obama – Let Us Know Who You Want To Win


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