Palin Defends Request for Federal Funds

September 14, 2008


Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin, in her third interview with ABC News, said she vehemently opposes wasteful federal spending and defended her decision to nix the infamous “bridge to nowhere” even though she once championed the project.

She also defended her request for $198 million in federal funding for special projections within her state.

As governor of Alaska, Palin said she never backed the $398 million bridge but said instead she was interested in improving the state’s infrastructure.

“I was for infrastructure being built in the state. And it’s not inappropriate for a mayor or for a governor to request and to work…with their congressmen, their congresswomen, to plug into the federal budget along with every other state a share of the federal budget for infrastructure,” she told ABC News.

Her presumptive boss, GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, has built a solid reputation in Washington, D.C. as an opponent of wasteful government spending.

For her part, Palin asked for about $198 million for 31 state projects for fiscal year 2009, according to a letter and supporting documents she sent to Alaska’s congressional delegation.

That’s down from 52 requests valued at $256 million in 2007.

She said, however, that her requests amount to about $231 per capita compared with earmarks of roughly $22 per person in Illinois, where Democratic presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama is from.

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