The Democrats’ Hypocritical Sexism Towards VP Pick Palin

September 14, 2008

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Rachel Alexander – Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s response to a question about the difference between himself and McCain’s Vice-Presidential pick Sarah Palin? “She’s good-looking.” Monday, the New York Times ran an article questioning Palin’s ability to serve as Vice-President because she has five children, including a newborn baby with Down’s Syndrome. The Huffington Post ran an article about her entitled “McCain’s Casting Couch.”

If Palin was a man, we would not be hearing this kind of criticism. The Democrats are hypocrites and willing to throw their own principles under the bus in order to win. Seeing everyone in terms of groups – women, minorities, handicapped, etc. – they have no qualms treating Palin differently because she’s a woman.

The reason why they’ve come out so viciously against her is obvious. Her success destroys one of their main accusations against Republicans, that Republicans are sexist. If McCain becomes president, which is looking very likely with Palin on the ticket, Republicans will beat Democrats to having the first woman Vice-President, and most likely the first President, since Palin will have a good chance at being elected President after McCain’s term(s).

The Democrats resent the strength Palin brings to the ticket. Palin’s hunting and fishing background and working class husband appeals to blue collar middle of America voters. Her prolife, socially conservative views and large family appeal to the Republican conservative base. Some of Hillary’s supporters who were leaning towards McCain may now vote for him because he chose a woman VP, unlike Obama who shunned Hillary as VP. And they’re probably pretty intrigued by the fact that Palin’s husband is now a stay-at-home dad while she works. Palin’s youth and Washington outsider status balance out Obama’s message of “change,” particularly considering Obama picked a longtime Washington establishment insider with Biden as his VP.

Although Palin is attacked for having little experience, she has executive experience as a governor and mayor. Obama has nothing but legislative experience. The fact that comparisons are now being made between Palin and Obama’s experience is revealing, considering Palin is only running for VP. Overall, Palin appears to have more experience than the Democrats’ presidential candidate.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy is compounded by their refusal to acknowledge amidst their attacks that Palin’s husband is a stay at home dad. Instead of acknowledging the progressiveness of this situation, and the fact that Palin is adhering to conservative principles by keeping a parent in the home, they lambaste her for choosing to run for Vice-President.

It goes without saying that Democrats are always saying there is nothing wrong with mothers who choose to put their children in daycare, so attacking Palin for running for office just because she has children is the ultimate hypocrisy. They’re also suddenly silent about pointing out that the Vice-Presidential job consists of little more than attending funerals of foreign dignitaries.

Liberal talkshow host Alan Colmes pulled a column he’d written criticizing Palin for prenatal care of her Down Syndrome baby when he realized how hypocritical it was. If she’d just had an abortion, the left wouldn’t have bothered criticizing her.

The attacks on Palin’s daughter for having an out of wedlock child are equally despicable. Democrats insist that women have a right to privacy when it comes to reproductive decisions, yet they are attacking Palin and her daughter for the birth. Although Palin and her family are supporters of abstinence-only education, to attack her over a mistake like this is grossly unfair. Abstinence-only programs work the vast majority of the time. Just because someone falls through the cracks occasionally doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Palin’s daughter is following her mother’s prolife views by keeping the baby and marrying the father. She will suffer plenty being known the rest of her life publicly for this incident; preventing her mother from running for Vice-President because of this mistake would be a grossly disproportionate punishment. Who amongst us doesn’t have a child, friend, or relative who has made a mistake much worse than Palin’s daughter, perhaps resulting in an arrest or jail? Relatively speaking, getting pregnant out of wedlock at a young age is sadly a common occurrence today.

Ironically, because of his own upbringing, Obama has said attacking Palin’s children should be off limits. Obama was born when his mother was 17, six months after she married his father, which was reportedly a bigamous marriage. Yet there has been little media attention given to Obama’s similar situation.

Another vicious sexist attack against Palin is the accusation that she’s only on the ticket because of affirmative action, implying that she’s little more than a pretty face. If that’s true, why is her approval rating as governor of Alaska at 80%? Why wasn’t this accusation brought up before, when her name was being vetted as a possible VP choice? Palin is writing her own convention speech, doesn’t sound like something a ditz would attempt. Claiming she is an affirmative action pick is a last-ditch attempt to smear her.

A group of Hillary supporters has become so offended by the sexist attacks against Palin they released a statement denouncing them. Let’s hope they have some effect. Meanwhile, they haven’t been able to stop feminists like Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post from spreading mistruths about Palin, like claiming that Palin is against “stem cell research.” This type of smear is dishonest and shows how low the left has sunk. The truth is, Palin doesn’t support government funding of embryonic stem cell research, as do most conservatives. And like most conservatives, she has no problem with adult stem cell research.

The Democrats’ sexist attacks against Palin will backfire. It would be one thing if there were legitimate reasons to attack her, such as if she had plagiarized numerous speeches as Biden has done. But to attack her because her daughter became pregnant early is hypocritically sexist at a time when the country is ready for a female Vice-President or President.

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