Moose Shootin Mama!

September 22, 2008


3 Responses to “Moose Shootin Mama!”

  1. erik said

    Man I love her. How can you not? Although I notice that a lot of women react with a viscerally negative snarl. (In the way that only women can hate other women. Do you know what I mean?)

    Anyway, are you folliwing the story about the anti-palin videos bing traced back to the PR firm of Obamas campaign manager?

  2. tommygirl said

    palin=misogynist wet dream. See above.

  3. factmeister said

    Sure am, Erik, and they don’t surprise me a bit. Check out what the Governor of Missouri said about Obama’s people attempting to intimidate bloggers, etc. in a misguided attempt to silence criticism. Yet they are continually firing away at Sarah.

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